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For more than 150 years Borden milk products have been known as the pinnacle of quality in the industry.

From the time of Gail Borden (founder) and continuing today Borden strives to supply the highest quality Grade 'A' milk products to its customers.

All Borden Grade 'A' milk is procured from family-owned dairies within a 200 mile radius. Additionally, all Borden dairies are certified 'rbST' free. Our milk is naturally produced without artificial hormones.

In 1856 Gail Borden patented the process for condensed milk and opened the first condensery in 1857. Today Borden milk is available in a shelf stable product that is specially processed and packaged at a state of the art production facility.

Using a process known as U.H.T. (ultra high temperature) pasteurization the milk is hermetically packaged in a special airtight carton that seals out light and the bacteria that causes ordinary milk to spoil so quickly.

Borden Shelf Stable Milk - same great taste and quality in a long lasting shelf stable product. See our FAQ section for more information.
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